10/22/2017: By Admin

The problems presented with the Heliocentric model when viewing the moon.

10/21/2017: By Admin

One of the better Flat Earth video's around. Showing how many globeheads take a leap of faith in their belief system and how we should always question the scientists.

10/20/2017: By Admin

Proof of NASA's lies in video format. Open your mind!

10/20/2017: By Admin

It is part of the natural physics of water and other fluids to always find their level and remain flat. If disturbed in any way motion ensues until the flat level is resumed. This is a great video explaining why we are on a Flat Earth based after fluid dynamics.

10/19/2017: By Admin

Mark Sargent interview with Russel Brand. Those who take the time to research Flat Earth, become Flat Earthers. The only way to become a Flat Earther is to try and prove the Earth is a globe.

10/18/2017: By: Admin

This is a fascinating video by David Marsh how today's scientists are simply substituting mathematics for actual experimentation. A great example of why you should do experiments for yourself versus believing the lies being presented to you.