11/12/2017: By Admin

Last week, a huge scandal rocked the Tunisian and Arab scientific and educational world: a PhD student submitted a thesis declaring Earth to be flat, unmoving, young (only 13,500 years of age), and the centre of the universe.

Going even bolder and further, the student explicitly rejected the physics of Newton and Einstein, the astronomy of Copernicus and Kepler, the cosmology of the Big Bang, the main models of atmospheric and geological activity, and most of modern climatology.

The student submitted her thesis after five years of work; it was then sent to two assessors, thus passing the first stage of approvals. The reports were expected soon, for the thesis defence to be scheduled.

It was at this stage that fate luckily intervened: a copy of the thesis was “leaked” to the former president of the Tunisian Astronomical Association, who checked that it was not a hoax and then quickly rang the alarm by posting on Facebook the general conclusions of the thesis, verbatim.

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10/20/2017: By Admin

Michelson-Morley experiment was devised on the premise that if Ether exists in space, then Earth moving through that Ether medium would result in ‘Ether wind’ just like how a car moving through air would cause air wind.

And it was premised that light beams passed in different directions i.e. one beam passed perpendicular to the direction of the Ether wind and another beam passed along the direction of the Ether wind would take different times to travel the same distance.

Michelson apparently used swimmers analogy to illustrate the logic behind the above premise – When two swimmers with equal competence are asked to swim to and fro for equal distance in a flowing river, the swimmer who swims across the river apparently will take a shorter time for the round trip than the one who swims first down the stream and then up the stream. So it was predicted that the light beam which travels perpendicular to the Ether wind would take shorter time than the beam which travels down the Ether wind in the first half and then against the wind in the second half of its journey. So scientists predicted that the two returning beams would be out of phase when they meet finally and hence would result in interference on the detector screen. Further they thought that the time delay and hence the degree of interference would vary depending upon the orientation of the interferometer arms with respect to the direction of the Ether wind...

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